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after the last update of Windows 10 does not work backgrounds option in the region / blocks / widgets (regardless of the system) after hitting an option background displays available ... In other parts of the TT background working normally ... Is there anything in this matter ?? Because I need urgently to do the job, and I can not ... :(

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Please provide the steps to reproduce the error, as we are unable to generate the issue at our end.
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So yeah ... I just bought the program after installing little I was able to do some work, but browsed the options and act ... Soon there was a major update of Windows 10, and background options in the regions has become inactive ...
I will present it in the following images:

By the way innovation also question ... Is it possible that in areas add the ability to change fonts, headings, font colors in each region separately, and give the opportunity to place the image taken from an article cms and greater opportunities in terms of metadata, that is what is to be displayed and what does not and format of news by formatting the appearance of news and summary eg. in the picture below ?? It would be great :)

I tried deactivation / activation, uninstalled and installed the software in the latest version (terribly slowly download 5-15 KB for almost 2 hours), nothing has changed :(

Thanks in advance for your help :)
by softnow111 (120 points)
It turned out that more than hour conversation with Microsoft's support was in vain, because nothing has been done, all of a sudden after updating the new version of the TT back to normal ... It's just that he could not login to the site and "disappeared" from the base. Already it's ok. Regards
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