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Perhaps, I'm doing something wrong... It seems upon inserting a Heading (either H1, H2, etc.) onto a page as a title and then adding a link to that Heading that leads to a given page. The Heading converts to the font size assigned to the Active, Hover, Visited links within the content section. I don't want to change the link font size, as I also have links imbedded within the copy. However, I do NOT want the Headings font size to change when adding a link to them. Please advise.

If I'm not doing something wrong... Then font size for links within the content section should be irrelevant. Whatever the default text size I am using, links should automatically default to that size. Then if I choose to change the size of the text associated to a given link, like assigning it a H2 or H3 or simply setting the font size 20, then the new size/heading association for the given link should take precedence and override the default size.

Thanks for the help.

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