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Is there a way to make the header section a module (for slideshows or rotating banners)?

When I look at the module positions tab, it doesn't say what the module position is. If it does, it's not showing in the code or the module position section.


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by niall (540 points)
Where is the full list/drawing with the default module positions?
Something like this: would be very helpful.

Naming convention for positions is bad. You will have lots of users with various learning challenges such as dyslexia, naming 20 positions the same with the only difference being two characters will lead to MUCH frustration for many. Some sort of explanation regarding the HA HB MA MB CA BA FA FB would help, changing to HeaderAreaA_XX, HeaderAreaB_xx, or what ever they represent instead of using XXYModulePosition_ZZ over and over would be VERY helpful.

TT is on the right track, but calling this a Version 4 is a stretch. RC 4 would make more sense.
by kb (160 points)
I agree, I like how Artisteer will give those options and allow changing module position names (to make them more logicial to remember).
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)

You can change the name of every module position in TemplateToaster. Just click on a position and you'll be able to change its name as suggested in attached screenshot.

TemplateToaster Support

by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Here is the default Module Positions Map:
by niall (540 points)
That image is incomplete,menu, left right and header positions are not listed, nor is footer.
In Module Position, select Draw and draw your own module position in Header and Footer.
by trogladyte (1.4k points)
Forget naming, the whole header has a huge responsive issue right now that must be fixed. I don't use the internal slideshow -preferring the better control doing it in Joomla allows. Try this...

Use the logo function to insert an image. Make a position next to it in the header. Export, and drop an image or slideshow in that created position. Now view the site in mobile (I use You'll see that the image or slideshow overlaps the logo in most instances.
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