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I created a theme in TT, great program by the way.

In wordpress I comment out the breadcrumbs to not show up, and I change the indent and spacint on ordered and unordered lists using CSS editor.

Now if my want to make a small change in the template, ie, change the page color, I go back to TT make the change, export the theme import into WP, but then I have to go and change the breadcrums, bullets, etc. that I had already done. Is there a way to just export changes to the template and not the pages, etc? I know there is a list typography setting in TT, but it doesn't allow for indents, and line spacing etc.

I wish TT woud either allow you to change the page setting ie CSS, paragraph line spacing, etc, or not do any of it so it didn't get overwritten.

Thanks all!

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