in Joomla Templates by trogladyte (1.4k points)
On there is a featured listing slider under the header. As you can see, the bottom part of the slider's border is cut off.

If you go to the bottom is fine and the right side is cut off. Also, on this page, there's a header to the article I can't get rid of. Where's the switch to that - TT or Joomla? Can't find it anywhere in Joomal and I have pretty much everything turned off.

2 Answers

by 2ninerniner2 (1.2k points)
Hmm ... both look fine in the latest FF but as you describe in the latest Chrome (Win 7).
by trogladyte (1.4k points)
Hello again Lyle!!

Yes, Chrome is doing nasty things to it! And I thought I only had IE to bitch about! lol!
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