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While I am really liking some of the extra features of TT, I am constantly frustrated by the lack of basic information. Yes, there are video tutorials, but they aren't nearly comprehensive enough.

For instance, what do I use for the module class suffixes? In Artisteer it was art-block, -article, - nostyle. What is TT? I tried ttr-block, but it did nothing.

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Thanks for pointing it out, few Module class suffixes will be available with TemplateToaster 3.2 version.

Improved demos and more documentation will be available in near future.
by trogladyte (1.4k points)
You're welcome. As a paying customer, I'm obviously committed to improving TT and, therefore, my experience.

However, the real question of this post was not answered. In Artisteer there were 2 types of module position styling - block, article and nostyle. Implementing any one of these involved dropping that style into the Module Class Suffix field. What are the styles in TT, and how do we implement them?

Thanks and keep up the great work. It's taking a while to transition because of the differences in GUI, and also the extra ability TT offers - love, love, love the ability to set margins and padding independently on each position - that's bugged the heck out of me with Artisteer for so long.
This thread is over 2 months old and I've not seen any mention of this being implemented - v3.2 never existed and it seems to have been forgotten in v4.x. Maybe I just missed it.
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