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There's so many little things getting tweaked and fixed on an ongoing basis, it'd be nice to have a change log somewhere. Some people won't know what's been done and will waste everyone's time asking for it.

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by 2ninerniner2 (1.2k points)

Excellent idea. Even having displayed on the download page what the current version number is, i.e.

As it is now, the only way to find out is to download and install it as every version has the same file name.
by webpbi (220 points)

In addition to the change log is also useful to have the road map.
I'm curious to see the next feature, in view of a switching from AR to TT
by 2ninerniner2 (1.2k points)
Yep, changes already :)

I just downloaded and installed the latest - - and I noticed the slide show has additional features (that's all I looked at for now).

One still has to download the latest from the Download page, but you can find the version number without installing by checking the file Properties > Details tab.
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Thanks for your request.

Change-log page will be available with the next TemplateToaster update.
by 2ninerniner2 (1.2k points)
by 2ninerniner2 (1.2k points)
WOW! :)

The Changelog is here!!! :)

Keep up the great work!
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