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I'm designing a Joomla template and am a little confused by Content v Post. In Joomla there is no such thing as a post; that's a Wordpress term, which differentiates between posts and pages.

So, where would I see my "Post" design in Joomla v where I would see what I have as Content?

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Hey Ian -

I hadn't noticed this as I am now 100% WP, but went and checked it out.

Content is for the "content area" ... where the "post stuff" is displayed :) The terminology is a bit confusing. Post is where you set the attributes for the "post content and area"! LOL ... confused? Me too :)

Try it out:
- fire up TT and start a "From scratch" J! project
- select the Content tab
- in the Content section, set the Color to some color ... see?
- in the Post section, set the Background > Color to some other value

They could probably use more appropriate terms, but once you know what they affect, it's workable.


PS > isn't it a pleasure to have a REAL forum! :)
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PS > isn't it a pleasure to have a REAL forum! :)

Heck yes!! Without all the trolls and pill pushers!

I'll just have to export one and that will show me. I have already done as you mentioned, but Art has the BG to the sheet in, well, sheet! And the content in content which makes more sense. However, what I'm gathering is that Post = (Artisteer's) Sheet? Am I right?
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Sorry for the confusion, we'll try to improve it in future versions.

Post means the area behind an article. For example if you apply post background color, it'll be added to the background of every individual article (it is different from page color).
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