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Just created my site, uploaded pages and content, Later I need to add JUST 1 More Page How with TT?

SO like i said I have a functional website...  now I want to work offline create a additional page and simply add the new page with Content, is this possible??  

Secondly, or do I need to delete all the pages and reload everytime?  I don't see like a FTP option work on the page live etc.



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You can surely create a new page with new content in your ttr file now and upload it to your WordPress end, TemplateToaster version 8 beta provides an option to select which page you want to import while importing content. 

Open your pre-saved ttr file into TemplateToaster v8 beta -> Create a new page in TemplateToaster -> export and install your WordPress theme -> Click import content button -> a pop-up will open to ask which pages/menu you want to import -> select the page and import.

As version 8 is in its beta phase, please make sure to save a copy of your ttr file as well as first check import either on your test site or local environment. Once completed successfully, you can make changes on your main site.

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