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My website has a few separate categories, each with its own introductory page on the main menu. Each of those except for the contact form have one or more child pages.  I want to create a second menu bar below the main one showing the child pages of the main menu page selected or of the one whose child page is selected.

Is there a way I can do this in Template Toaster?

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Please provide any sample reference so that we can check your requirement and able to guide you accordingly.

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I really didn't want to post this here because my site expresses strong opinions on religion and politics which definitely_will_offend, annoy, and-or even infuriate those who disagree, and forums such as this aren't the place for such.

But to show the site I've rebuilt with TT, it's at and menu behavior similar to what I want is at .

What with the big menu buttons created by this program, i would rather have a second menu bar for the submenus, rather than just a the bottom line like the dead software generated on the old.

I do like the aesthetic qualities I've been able to achieve with your software, but the menu behavior seems a price to pay for it as a trade-off.

Again, I'm only discussing the menu behavior here and refuse to comment on the site content on this forum, which is a reason I didn't want to post a link here.
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